2014 Daoist Conference

The next international conference on Daoist Studies will take place at


May 30-June 1, 2014

For details, see below:

Daoism: Tradition and Transition

Sponsors: Boston University Department of Religion, Boston University Center for the Study of Asia, Boston University College of Arts and Science.

Conference Organizers

Livias Kohn, Professor Emerita, Boston University

Thomas Michael, Boston University

John Berthrong, Boston University

Steering Committee (alphabetical):

Shin-yi Chao, University of Rochester; Eske Mollgard, University of Rhode Island; David Mozina, Boston College; Eric Nelson, University of Massachusetts Lowell; Michael Puett, Harvard University; Gil Raz, Dartmouth College; Harold D. Roth, Brown University

Website: www.daoiststudies.org

Keynote Speakers:

Lai Chi Tim 黎志添, Chairman of the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, and Director of the Centre for Studies of Daoist Culture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Author of: Guangdong Local Daoism: Daoist Temple, Master, and Ritual (Chinese University Press, 2007).

Xun Liu, Associate Professor of History, Rutgers University. Author of: Daoist Modern: Innovation, Lay Practice and the Community of Inner Alchemy in Republican Shanghai (Harvard University Press, 2009).

Format: The conference commences on Friday morning with an opening plenary session, immediately followed by two keynote speeches. It ends on Sunday afternoon with a closing plenary session. There are nine sessions (three on Friday, four on Saturday, and two on Sunday), each consisting of three break-out panels and one workshop. There will be a reception on Friday night, and a movie screening on Saturday night.

Break-out Panels: Three 20-minute individual paper presentations on the panel theme, followed by discussant’s 20-minute response and participant’s questions (1¾ hours).

Workshops: Emphasis on practice and experience (1¾ hours).

Forums: An opportunity to read a particular text with a group of learned scholars. Presenters post their text on the web a month ahead of time for participants to study; hour session for discussion

Languages: Conference sessions will be in English and/or Chinese. Please refer to the conference program for each session. Presentation abstracts can be submitted in either language.

Registration: Email to daoconf@gmail.com:

Name, Institution, Email, Phone, Paper title, Abstract

Conference Fee and Payment: To hold a slot on the program (for paper presentation) and/or if you wish to participate in the banquet, the conference fee (US$80) needs to be paid in advance. It is refundable at 50% until March 1, 2014.

Credit card: www.paypal.com—send to daoconf@gmail.com ($2.60 fee; use “send money to family or friends”). Free if you have a PayPal account already.

Check to “L. Kohn (Conf.)” Mail to P.O. Box 530416, St. Petersburg, FL 33747.

On-site Registration: Participants who choose to attend without giving a paper may register on-site. The fee for all three days is $80. It is also possible to register for single days: US $35 each for Friday or Saturday, $30 for Sunday. Note: If you want to participate in the banquet, register early.

Deadlines: March 1, 2014:  fee goes up to US $100.00

May 1, 2014:     abstracts for papers due

May 10, 2014:   schedule and abstracts e-mailed and posted

Scholarships: Some scholarships will be provided from the proceeds of this and last year’s conference. A scholarship includes a fee waiver plus a share of travel expenses. Applicants should be within three years of completing the Ph.D. (before or after). To apply, please send registration information, plus status of Ph.D. and name of advisor, as well as draft abstract of paper to daoconf@gmail.com.

Room and Board: Participants make their own housing arrangements. Recommended sites include:

www.bostonhostel.org (several BU dorms used for hostels in the summer)

www.hostelworld.com (cheap and practical accommodation, including also hotels)

www.airbnbnb.com (private rooms with breakfast in people’s houses)





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Zhuangzi: Text and Context

The Zhuangzi is the second major text of Daoism, one with multiple aspects and dimensions. This work—currently in preparation, to be published next year—focuses on both: the careful reading of the text itself, understanding its meaning, interpreting its concepts, and discussing its implications AND the various relationships it stands in: history, society, Chinese philosophy, Daoist schools, commentaries, poetry and art, and Buddhism, as well as cross-cultural comparisons with Western concepts and thinkers, from Plato to Derrida.

The book consists of twenty-four chapters: all the odd-numbered chapters are on context, from the compilation of the text to its reading in 21st century ecology; the even-numbered chapters are on text, presenting and explicating the core concepts of the Zhuangzi from perfect happiness to useless living.

Each sequence can be read on its own—all about the text in the even chapters, all about its history and comparison in the odd ones—but the sections also connect in an integrated synthesis. For a list of contents, see below.


  1. The Text
  2. Utmost Happiness
  3. Axial Age Philosophy
  4. Ordinary Thinking
  5. The Social Setting
  6. Body and Mind
  7. Ancient Daoist Strands
  8. The Workings of the Universe
  9. Guo Xiang
  10. Virtue and Destiny
  11. Religious Daoism
  12. Meditation and Self-Cultivation
  13. The Buddhist Connection
  14. The Perfected
  15. Poetry and Art
  16. Language and Metaphors
  17. Mysticism
  18. The Self
  19. Western Thought
  20. Skillful Spontaneity
  21. Contemporary Philosophy
  22. Ethical Living
  23. Society and Ecology
  24. In the World





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Cooking with Dao

A 2-day workshop on using food–cooking and eating–as Daoist practice.

August 10-11

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Click here for  details: 





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Tampa Bay Qigong

Steven Geisz and Livia Kohn are now teaching qigong in the Tampa Bay area.

Livia’s class is Wednesday nights at 6 pm in St. Petersburg. Please contact me for details (liviakohn@gmail.com).

For more info on activities, please go to


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Core Health: THE BOOK

Core Health: The Quantum Way to Inner Power,                                                                    by Dr. Ed Carlson & Dr. Livia Kohn,                                                                                               is coming out in a beautiful first hardcover edition in late September.

The book provides the authoritative description of this potent health-expansion process. It describes the theoretical foundations in science and cell biology, outlines the quest of its founder, Dr. Ed Carlson, and presents its processes and integrated system in admirable clarity. It concludes with a look at the potential impact of Core Health on the future of humanity and presents ample testimonials of its powerful effect.

You can now obtain a copy at a prepublication discount of 20% off the list price of $40. To purchase, please see BOOKORDER

For more details, please read the Introduction.


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Core Health: A Scientific Adaptation of Daoist Cultivation

Core Health™ is an easy and enjoyable way to reconnect to our energy system’s pure core of health. Working from the inside-out and expanding our inherent in-power, it combines modern Western science (notably quantum physics and behavioral kinesiology) with traditional Eastern cosmology and methods as well as with universal visions of spiritual attainment and human perfection. In the following, I outline the main points of convergence with Daoism in terms of theory and practice and the key features Core Health adds. An apparatus provides further materials: Core Health sequences; bibliography, and web resources.

To see the full text, click here: Core&Dao

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Core Health, free intro

Free First Session: Thursday, March 29, 5:30 pm

Also courses: Heart Forgiveness:  Fri-Sun, March 30-April 1— (Fri, 5:30-7:00 pm; Sat, Sun 1:00-2:30 pm)

Funny with Money: Fri-Sun, April 13-15— (Fri, 5:30-7:00 pm; Sat, Sun 1:00-2:30 pm)

The Longhouse, 2309 49th St. S, Gulfport, FL 33707

Price:  EACH $100 plus $35 material fee (Personal Progress Journal and CDs)

Check out the details, click here: CoreHealth




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A Source Book in Chinese Longevity

NEW BOOK. OUT IN MARCH 2012. Check: www.threepinespress.com

People today live longer than in any time in history and they want to stay young and active for many years to come. The Chinese have successfully practiced longevity techniques for millennia, working with process-oriented and energy-based methods. Their literature is full of essential insights and practical guidelines to longer, healthier, and happier lives.

A Source Book in Chinese Longevity is the first comprehensive collection of traditional longevity sources in English translation. Arranged chronologically, it presents materials from ancient medical manuscripts through medieval manuals and Daoist scriptures to late imperial works that specifically focus on women. Well organized and illustrated, it provides easy access to a treasure trove of information, fascinating to scholars, practitioners, and lay readers alike.

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Activating the Energy Body: Daoist Ways of Self-Cultivation

A 3-day workshop that introduces a variety of ways to better understand and activate our energy body, including qigong, yoga, breathing, meditations, dancing, diets, and fengshui. It centers on guided practices and emphasizes the concrete applicability of the techniques. It also explores questions of why they work as they do from the perspective of both traditional Eastern thinking and modern Western science.

Date: Sept. 9-11, 2011

Location: Santa Rosa, California

Tuition: $330.00 (incl. textbook)

Contact: Lori (lori@enerqihealing.com)

For more details and to share the news, see the complete flyer by clicking here: EnergyBody

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Daoism and Psychology

New book from Three Pines Press (www.threepinespress.com)

Living Authentically: Daoist Contributions to Modern Psychology (prepublication $25 plus shippping)

Publication date: August 2011

This book brings together classical scholars of Daoism, professors of psychology, practicing psychologists, medical doctors, and alternative practitioners (acupuncturists, qigong healers, pedagogues, and counselors) in an exciting new journey of discovery. This fruitful venture, born during panels at several Daoist conferences, explores ways of living in the world, sustaining relationships, and educating children, in a stress-free, truly authentic way. It outlines different Daoist visions and concepts of the conscious and subconscious mind and its transformations; it correlates these to different schools of psychology today (psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy, humanistic psychology, positive psychology); and it explores options on how we can best become fully authentic, allowing the universal power of Dao to flow freely through all our attitudes and actions.

For complete table of contents, introduction, and list of contributors, see PSYCH-Sample

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